Greater St. John MBC

Greater St. John MBC

Our Mission

Our mission is to go into all the world, making followers of Jesus Christ and teaching all Nations.  To function as a New Testament Church by reaching the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and winning souls to the Kingdom for the glory of God. To utilize the tools of evangelism that exemplifies Christ and a spirit of  excellence. (Matthew 28:19-20)  Taking the ministry into the community and sharing the Word of God with those who are un-churched or lost sheep of His fold.

Our Vision

Greater St John Missionary Baptist Church is committed to empowering the lives of all who come into contact with this ministry. That are lives transformed through the teaching of the infallible Word of God, which is the Holy Bible. As we lift up God, His Word will drawn men and women to salvation and teaching them to apply The Word to their lives and thus building the Kingdom of God.

1909 Market Street, Oakland, CA

ACCA Navigator
Alexis D. Owens
[510] 463-4380

Dr. Gregory B. Payton – Senior Pastor